Leaving a piece of me behind…

Leaving behind and letting go is the most difficult task…And with every ‘let go’ we leave behind a part of us..A memory…A story! 

So what’s the story here??? 

I recently shifted to my new rented place…And though I love the new energy..I go back thinking about my old place…Where I made new friendships which will last..Met new people..Painted all my walls…And cried too!!! That room which will now be occupied by someone else will always have me….A part of me is still living in the paintings and the scratches on the wall..

And not just the last place…I keep travelling to my all old places through memories…Good and bad!!  

Detachment is a big task…And though I don’t want to go back but a part of me will always stay there…So I want to give a message to myself staying at all the places I have lived….“Stay there peacefully..Because we together had created a story!”

A great perhaps….


Well….that’s my new tattoo….so what it really means??  “Go to seek a great perhaps”…..I always tried to get an idea about my “great perhaps”….sometimes its doing great on stage…And sometimes its just as small as lying on the bed and having a cup of steaming hot tea…

So what’s yours?

I asked this question to few and it ranged from ‘big greats’ to ‘small greats’. And thus, I got a sweet reminder of how small things actually matter…

How a cup of steaming hot tea gives me a feeling of ‘greatness’!!

So take out time and enjoy the greatness of ‘small greats’ because these small things builds the will to do big things in life… Your ‘big great’ perhaps!!